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Genesis Ketamine Centers is proud to partner with My Psychiatrist to provide innovative treatment options for patients in need.

At Genesis Ketamine Centers, we offer life-changing ketamine infusion treatments that can help improve mood disorders such as depression or PTSD.

Genesis Ketamine Centers by Genesis Ketamine Centers in Philadelphia PA and Fort Lauderdale FL
ketamine infusions in Genesis Ketamine Centers by Genesis Ketamine Centers in Philadelphia PA and Fort Lauderdale FL

How can ketamine infusions help?

We offer this powerful treatment to patients with mood conditions. Unlike traditional medications for mood disorders, ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t take four-to-six weeks to start working. About 70% of patients report significant improvement within two weeks, and many report immediate relief.

The Process at Genesis Ketamine Centers

Telehealth Evaluation

We begin with a thorough telehealth evaluation conducted by our experienced staff. This initial assessment allows us to understand your unique needs, medical history, and treatment goals. Through this evaluation, we determine if ketamine infusion therapy is the right fit for you.

First Infusion

Following the telehealth evaluation, your journey with ketamine infusion therapy begins with the first session. The cost for this initial infusion is $475. During this session, our compassionate medical team will guide you through the process and ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

Series of Five Infusions

For optimal results, we recommend a series of five ketamine infusions. The cost for this transformative series is $1925. These infusions are typically scheduled over a specific period, tailored to your individual needs and treatment plan. Our experienced staff closely monitor your progress during this time to track your response to this treatment.

Maintenance Boosters

After completing the initial series of infusions, some patients may benefit from maintenance boosters to sustain the positive effects of the therapy. These boosters are administered as needed, based on individual requirements, and are priced at $400 per session. Our medical team will work closely with you to determine the appropriate frequency of maintenance boosters to maintain your progress and well-being.

At Genesis Ketamine Centers Today, we are committed to collaborating with providers to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care. Ketamine infusions, in conjunction with ongoing therapy and medication management, has proven to be a successful and sustainable treatment option for those struggling to find relief.

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